The Good Kid

Especially those that read yesterday’s blog will enjoy this, I think:



“Behavior” issues are the least of the worries––that’s just dysfunctional output resulting from dysfunctional input. We’re focused on this instead: “You’re a good boy” and “We love you.” These two sentences are sometimes our sole defense in an onslaught of screams of hate and death and anger. But the screams unfailingly turn back to be hurled upon himself, for in those times it is himself he loathes.

It simply cannot be possible that I am lovable and good, can it?

Deeply believing such will take a miracle.

But you already know that.

The blessing for us (and this is the flip side of yesterday’s blog) is that we get to watch his miracle unfold before our eyes.

Thank you to all who wrote/commented/messaged/texted this week. It meant the world to us.

Dann and Tammy



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  1. [the original picture of Everett’s smiling face has been deleted because of rotation squirreliness: it showed up 90º different on mobile vs. desktop no matter what I did… Who wants to run this blog for me?!? :-)]

  2. Just reading this after being out of town for a week…thank you for sharing! Your post brings up several feelings…but glad to see a glimpse of how you all are feeling so we can remember you. Hope the shared birthday held special memories! 🙂

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