short adoption update

Paperwork is in full swing. Other than that, nothing much to report on the adoption front. In the past week (along with many other forms) both Tammy and I had to spend well over 4 hours filling out one particularly long form. Paperwork was one of the things that had most kept me from being willing to adopt again…

Last week we mailed our first “overnight” package back to the U.S. It actually takes a week. $50. We had to use DHL because even though FedEx has an office in our city, they don’t, go figure, do international shipments.

Nuts & Bolts:

Right after posting this I’ll be jumping over to Facebook to see if my new “auto-post to Facebook” plug-in installed correctly…

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As to our soon-to-be son, we haven’t heard if he’s been told he has a family yet or not. We don’t think so. He has no idea the turn his story is about to take. No idea that Someone sees him, and has always seen him. No clue that that same Someone is writing a story for him. A story in which he becomes Son again, seven years after losing his parents.

Loved and wanted.

Isn’t that what you crave most?

Oh, we’ve also  settled on his new names. I’ll tell that story soon. It’s a good one.