Happy Orphan Sunday (Part 5 of 5)

Today, instead of a book excerpt…an announcement!

Lily Was the Valley: Undone by Adoption is ready* for pre-sale!

*OK, “ready” isn’t the exact same thing as “available right this minute.”

But my work is done, and I have submitted a campaign page to the powers that be at publishizer.com. As soon as their approval comes back (and that should be in a day or three) I’ll go live! And will post the news here and share it on Facebook. (Parts 4 and 5 of this series were not shared there––sign up to receive New Posts by Email! in the left-hand column of this blog if you don’t want to miss posts that don’t get shared to FB––I don’t always choose to fill up everybody’s feeds.)

As to Orphan Sunday, Tammy and I had a BIG Day. Details, pictures, and videos are going to have to wait, however…sorry!

Did your church do anything to mark Orphan Sunday? I’d love to hear.