Everett Ephraim Johnson, Adoption Finalized

Our son has come home.

One year ago today I would have told you I was not only resistant to adopting again, I was anti-…

God has a way of accomplishing his plans, though, and now one young man about to age out of the system, doomed to a life among the feeble and insane forever, instead has a family.

Apologies from our end for the scant number of photos and updates, not only here but on FB. We are scrambling with the new adoption adjustments, getting ready to leave home for a month (annual meetings, medical, and vacation in Thailand), and…now on top of that, preparations for a quick trip to Xi’an for Everett’s Thai visa. He’ll be traveling on his Chinese passport (which we don’t even have yet––hoping for today or tomorrow!) and will need a 30-day visa from the Thai Consulate in Xi’an.

So please forgive the continued paucity of pictures and updates! We’ll get them out when we can. Thanks for remembering our family during this time.